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Upcoming Products
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Item Name Date Expected
450L Speed Fuselage Red & Yellow HF4506 08/27/2014
2S1P 7.4V 300mAh/30C HBP03001 08/27/2014
550L Painted Canopy HC5593 08/27/2014
550L Aluminum Hexagonal Bolt H55B014XX 08/27/2014
550L Bearing Block(L) H55B007XX 08/27/2014
550L Carbon Main Frame(R)/2.0mm H55B005XX 08/27/2014
550L Carbon Fiber Main Frame(L)/2.0mm H55B004XX 08/27/2014
550L Carbon Vertical Stabilizer-Yellow H55T003XX 08/27/2014
D6FF Metal Servo Horn-Red HSP61013QR 08/27/2014
DS150 Upper/Lower Cover HSP15002 08/27/2014
DS155 Upper/Lower Cover HSP15501 08/27/2014
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