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Item Name Date Expected
6S1P 22.2V 10000mAh/30C HBP10002 12/19/2014
6S1P 22.2V 6000mAh/30C HBP60001 12/19/2014
Multicopter Brushless ESC HES04001 12/19/2014
APS-M Gyro HEGAPS04 12/19/2014
M690 Auxiliary battery plate M690001XX 12/19/2014
Landing Gear Mounting Block Set M480020XX 12/19/2014
Tail Boom Mount Set H55T004XX 12/19/2014
External Status LED HEGAPS05 12/19/2014
G3 Camera Upper Mounting Bracket Set GG3007XX 12/19/2014
500L Tail Boom Case H50T002XX 12/19/2014
500L Linkage Rod(A) set H50Z001XX 12/19/2014
500L Gyro Mount H50B013XX 12/19/2014
M690L Multicopter Canopy HC69001 12/19/2014
Multicopter 4MM Gold Connector Set M480027XX 12/19/2014
Multicopter 3.5MM Female Terminal M480026XX 12/19/2014
M480 Main Battery Plate M480006XX 12/19/2014
M690 Landing Gear Tube Mount Set M690002XX 12/19/2014
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